About Me

Drivers start your engines

As the name suggest I love motorsports in fact I love anything with an engine in it. I have been working on and around cars all my life my dad was fanatical about cars and motorbikes and was always working on them and I started very young helping him out and watching what he was doing until I started my very own project.
It was a 50cc motorbike and although it was a bit battered and worse for wear I loved that little bike and lavished it with lots of attention over the months after my dad bought it for me. When I had finished it with the help of dad you would not believe it was the same motorbike and we sold it for a very healthy profit which funded my next project.

Funding my passion through my love of cars

This first project helped me understand the process and I am always buying, fixing up and selling cars and motorbikes and this bit of extra money goes towards funding my hobby, motorsport. I bought my first race car many years ago and started racing before I was even old enough to drove on the roads. Dad helped me loads and he still does now both financially and with advice and practical help.

My other half is very patient with my hobby and considering she is always finding greasy car parts all over the place she doesn’t moan or give me grief about it. She will often come to race days and enjoys the days that she does travel with me to events but can’t come as often now we have the baby.

My little girl is now 9 months old and getting into everything and so she doesn’t have much time for anything other than her at the moment. Thanks for reading and I hope you come back soon.